What is Shug’s Local Honey?

It’s a site that embraces the people of the foothills of North Carolina where I was born and have lived most of my life.  I believe that people are what make a community resilient and beautiful.  My purpose is to share the stories, places and happenings of our piece of the world in a way that all humans can relate to.   Friendships, family and joyful experiences are what carry us through life.  It’s the sweetness of life that can make the difficult moments bearable.  That’s what Shug’s Local Honey is.  Shug was my father in law who passed away in July, 2009.  He had a love for life and people, especially the people of the foothills.  Local Honey is the sweetness that we find in everyday life here in an area that has comeback from defeat after the textile industries left.  We are built of tough people who live beautifully, much like the honey bee herself.